Helping those in need

3 hours 4 minutes ago

Flee Market Tom plz come and support us

Flee Market 24th September from 9am to 6pm with lots to see 🎀

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Helping those in need

3 hours 16 minutes ago

Helping those in need

3 hours 18 minutes ago

Just spotted this post n thinking of Mimi if anyone is moved to seek out this as a blessing to Mimi n unto us pretty please🎀

Helping those in need

3 hours 37 minutes ago

Mimi has continued knitting us beanies with the help of her family and friends, we would like to bless Mimi with wool as this is her dream to help those in need and she is making such a big impact.

We would like to collect the next 70 batches she made but think she so deserves a gift even if its a fruit basket, she is so amazing and did you know she's 90% blind but nothing gets her down, in fact, she checks up on me and my health and it makes me so emotional each time knowing I still have full vision.

We honour Mimi so much. if anyone would like to help us prepare an amazing basket for her plz drop items at 6 Jarvis Road Berea please we hoping to go on Friday.

Helping those in need

3 hours 43 minutes ago

Please do not forget our toy drive and thank you to one more company for allowing us to have a toy box in ur shop to collect, such a blessing we will be getting boxes and stickers this week, so excited as we driving for 4000 toys and wrapping paper please, we will be reaching out to untouched children homes and safe houses with large amounts of children that no1 gets to.

Helping those in need

3 hours 55 minutes ago

Thank You Rotary Club Acadia and Voltex for one of the biggest and most sentimental blessings to date, we received 8 boxes of rechargeable lights we can bless the elderly in shacks using candles and moms with babies needing candles in the night and face possible shack burns.

This does not exclude those in homes that at a time just needs extra hours of no electricity to make it last longer, does your child need a light to go to an outside toilet or inside but the switching on n off of lights is making you stress for those rands n cents.

We will be starting a list for each blessing so you may inbox and we will do a visit as this is to change your situation and help save electricity.

What is massive value in blessing, we are honoured to have fallen under Rotary and keen to go speak in 2 weeks.

Please continue praying over us and my health, please.

Helping those in need

4 hours 6 minutes ago

Thank You Stirling mommies and Daddies for an amazing donation of goodies to the school for us, we appreciate this gestures so much as kids learn to share and that there are other less fortunate so proud to be part of this blessing, Thank You Stirling Primary for teaching the children to give onto those in need.

Helping those in need

5 hours 26 minutes ago

3 positions available 2018 at ikamva school. Please contact 0834097225 on watsap do not call me. Text or watsap only. Another 2 positions for 2019 available to apply now. Must have own transport and experience with children. Preference.. non smoker, patient person, healthy and strong individual. Willing to learn and grow. Stable home environment and supportive family. When working with or close to children with special needs.

Helping those in need

10 hours 46 minutes ago

We would like to collect this item for our pefferville place but we can not get to it due to my condition, can any help plz