Helping those in need

1 hour 13 minutes ago

No true words can express the heartfelt gratitude for a beautiful gift for CJ some items already by him(late pic).

Thank you for such a surprize, a gift for me 💗wasn't expecting anything like that 💕 Thank You 🌹

Helping those in need

1 hour 39 minutes ago

We surprized a little 8 year old little girl at her class yesterday when her mom asked for help Thursday evening 🙈

Melissa is a total rock star she started baking 2 huge chocolate cakes. Bonita, Hester n Myself made 32 party packs n prepared an awsum gift. Someone donated a fluffy puppy, lips ice, kids Bible story book n some other goodies💗

She felt like Gold💕

Helping those in need

1 hour 53 minutes ago

A special Thank You Kerry who within 2min of asking help for a mommy stuck with a baby in pain with a rash n being swollen.

I messaged Kerry the mom's numbers n wow she was there in 5min 💗 the mom was so happy for the treats, she never had that lol she said it's soft candy sticks.

It's not always wat u can give but how u give😇 this displays love instantly for the next person in need😍

Helping those in need

2 hours 7 minutes ago

Thank you Catherine from our Queenstown section for arranging like a pro to have all the blessings for CJ, his mom and granny to get transported too her and thank you Lance for collecting Tom too hand deliver items of Clothing, shoes, toiletries, food, bedding and all blessings for CJ to his home in Steynsburg.

We will have another opportunity next week to send up if anyone would like to help💗

Thank you earth angels for the generous out pouring on little CJ👏

Helping those in need

17 hours 36 minutes ago

What an honour to serve Those in Need in our community right in the heart of Egoli at New Generation school that is run by outstanding teachers and Principle, the pupils were extremely well mannered and teachers joined in the fun.

We handed out over 140 sandwiches, easter eggs, juice and a stationary bag sponsored by Faith Cares to every child as they were starting exams so assisted the Grade 7 classes.

What a fun but moving morning, we shared the Love of Jesus, every child received a hug which was the most important.
Taking Jesus to the Streets by Helping those in Need.

We would like to give a massive Thank You to Jasmine Fox for giving up her time to join us in capturing these precious moments and Ashley for sharing a message. Thank You, Hester and Mommy, for always being right there in the middle.

Serving God is Great

Helping those in need

19 hours 14 minutes ago

Please Support an amaizing photographer🎀 Clair

Helping those in need

1 day 7 hours ago

Urgent Plea:

Is there anyone avail in West Bank area with car to plz get this cream plz plz I have a little boy screaming of pain, he has liver failure n is on medication his my original baby that was in hosp n that's how I met Aletta.

The little 2 year old boy can not pee it's so so swollen, she has no transport n will take baby to hosp tonight wen her dad fetches her after work, the baby can not suffer whole day plz I can ewallet money if need be please

Helping those in need

1 day 8 hours ago

We want to give a big big Thank You to Tammy n her sister for going n spoiling mom n CJ 💗 last night.

Is there anyone that travels Queenstown way we would like to send everything up, food n clothing up to her mom n sister please.

Helping those in need

1 day 8 hours ago

Thank you so much for helping with R200 for milk wen I dropped it she was shocked for a big tin n asked to thank u alot alot please 💗