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Bowl of Hope Initiative

Each week through the support of donors and local businesses we are able to provide meals to 100s of children in need. And over the years through your continued support 1000s of children have be blessed.
But even in this the need is still at large, our hope is that through this initiative we'd be able to provide a Bowl of Hope pack to each child alongside a meal each day within 1 of the 8 current running programs, and hopefully to start more throughout our beautiful city, provance and country.
Each pack cost you just R79.95 and through the amaizng support of: AMALINDA SUPER SPAR • VINCENT SUPER SPAR • NAHOON SPAR • SOUTHERNWOOD SPAR that in the course of this week you'd be able to purchase one of these beautiful packs for a child in need.

How does your R79.95 help a child in need

Each love pack contains the following and comes in four amazing colors

A Bowl, A Spoon, A Cup, A Facecloth And a Bar of soap
(Daily we are faced with children not having plates or bowls to recieve a life saving meal and sometimes we have children looking through garbage trying to find just something to hold a meal in, that's why we have launched the Bowl of Hope drive) Upon purchase of this pack you'd donate it back to the current store of purchase, and inturn this love pack will find its way to a child in need. As for the R79. 95 these much needed funds will go back to the manufacturing of the BOWL OF HOPE and to buy much needed cooking supplies.

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Bowl of Hope

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