Our long term goals

+ One hundred bed shelter.
+ Free medical attention, clinics for homeless & impoverished.
+ Daily Church services with counselling rooms.
+ Trauma units, helping victims of violent crimes.
+ Helping single mothers, who cannot provide for their new born and children.
+ Helping unemployed elderly, feeding, clothing, medical attention/house calls.
+ Creating self-sustained employment workshops for skills development (wood work,
arts & crafts, recycling, fresh produce, computer skills).


Challenges we face daily

 Daily we cannot take children
off the street as we have no Shelter.
 We run out of Food Supplies, Nappies,
Formula, Clothing and Fuel money.
 Work places not granting opportunities.
 No funds available for emergency doctors
and medication.
 No building supplies or funding to help
restore homes.
 Community clinic services is slow for babies
and children in need of emergency care.


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